The internal evaluation process of Parwan University in the last year of 1401 Khurshid

The main quality assurance committee of Pervan University made the annual self-evaluation process of scientific, research, teaching and administrative programs of 30 related departments of Eganeh universities subject to comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation process was chaired by Dr. Abd al-Haq Hanif, deputy of scientific affairs and responsible of the committee.It had the majority of the members of the mentioned committee and the special supervision of Dr. Mohammad Aziz Kazem, the president of Pervan University. It started on the 12th of Aquarius from the universities of economics and journalism according to the pre-determined time division and ended successfully on the 24th of Aquarius 1401 in the Faculty of Language and Literature.

This assessment is in accordance with the checklist prepared by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority, with the institution's readiness for the assessment of the third stage of accreditation and documenting the year's achievements 1401 Khurshidi, systematic and standard saving and archiving of the achievements of the first and second stages of validation was done.

And political science, law, education and training, social science, agriculture, language and literature were presented which were accepted by the authorities and they decided to try more towards the standardization of scientific and educational affairs.

Parwan University is a symbol of commitment and dynamism