New initiative from students of the Faculty of Education - Parwan University

پنجشنبه ۱۴۰۰/۱/۱۲ - ۱۱:۱۰

The initiative of the student of the Faculty of Education is commendable! Hezbollah is a third-year student in the Physics Department of the Parwan University School of Education. And exhibited. The student (who built a water pump, washing machine and water heater) says he learned the technique during a hands-on training by his professors. Hezbollah adds that if the government and the university give him the facilities to build the mentioned tools. It has raised the level of production and citizens no longer need to buy these tools from the outside market. Meanwhile, Mohammad Rafiq Saeedi, head of the physics department at the Faculty of Education, says that Hezbollah is an active third-grade student in physics and memorizes the Holy Quran. He is very interested in making electrical machines. Associate Professor Shams-ul-Haq Rouhani, Dean of the Faculty of Education, says that although the laboratories of the Faculty of Education need more equipment, a large number of students majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as a result of using the laboratories under the supervision of their professors. They say that if there is a reason for their further growth and arrest, there will be a student like Hezbollah who will be creative