Implementing of corona vaccine (COVID-19) at Parwan University was officially started - 28,July,2021

Wed, Jul 28 2021 4:38 PM
COVID-19 vaccin

Today, Wednesday 28 July 2021.

The process of implementing the corona vaccine at Parwan University was officially started in cooperation with the esteemed Parwan Department of Public Health.

The Corona Vaccine Implementation Team (COVID 19) of the Parwan Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the Swedish Institute, began the process of implementing the American type of vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) for professors, staff, service staff and students of Parwan University today.

Mr. Pohand Mohammad Homayoun Rasouli, President of Parwan University, added that this process started from the leadership.

Mr. Rasouli says that in the first round, a number of professors and staff found the Indian type of corona vaccine, which was small in number, but this time, according to the decision of the Leadership Council of the Ministry of Higher Education, all professors, administrative staff, service staff and Students will find this vaccine.

It should be noted that in case of congestion, the division of time will be set for each faculty and will be available from the address of Parwan University page.





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