Dean, Faculty of Language and Literature, Parwan University 

Assistant Professor. Mohammad Zafar Jaamay

Dean, Faculty of Language and Literature, Parwan University 

Jame Saheb

Assistant Professor Mohammad Zafar Jaamay was born in 1988 in Kabul who is an original resident of Ghazni province, he has was enrolled to school in 1994 and he has been graduated from high school with high scores and obtained 12 class certificate in 2006. After that he Joint Kankoor (Entrance Exam) for university. He was succeeded to Kabul Education University, English Department. Since then he start Teaching English Language at the Private center until he was graduated in 2010. On His final year of education he was short listed for the AUSEP and could finally get the scholarship to get one month Training In India through US embassy in Kabul funded program.  AS soon he graduated he passed a competitive exam at the Ministry of Higher Education and was appointed as an official lecturer at Parwan University, English department. Later he got a scholarship and got His MA English from Osmania University India in 2016. After returning to Afghanistan, he has shared his learning experiences by giving lectures in different private and public universities. He was the President of The Rotary Club of Kabul city a branch of Rotary International in Afghanistan 2018 – 2019 and currently works as the Dean of Language and Literature Faculty, Parwan University.  Who wish to provide high quality services for the students of Language and Literature Faculty who are from four different departments like: English Language, French, Pashto and Dari Language Departments. Since he is appointed as dean of the faculty the Faculty has been totally renewed both physically and in terms of quality teaching for students.  As he formally started his new duty as dean, the very first section he opened on the LL faculty was establishing a library for students. 

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The following activities have been accomplished since his appointment:

  1. Invited Outside Guest Speakers and Celebrities from Afghanistan:
  • RIP, Mr. Rahnaward Zaryab
  • Khushal Asefi
  • Wali Hottak
  1. Invited Outside Guest Speakers and Celebrities from Foreign Countries
  • Malik Qais Mehri From Swiss
  • Dr. Haqmal From UK
  • ALimyar From India
  1. Painted the walls of hall and classes
  2. Decorated his working office based on academics fashion.
  3. Planted three in front of the faculty area,
  4.  Decorated the hall ways of the faculty with the natural flower vases.
  5.  Flourished the hall with red carpet
  6. Launched Student Exhibition on Students Day
  7. Launched Campus Cleaning Campaign
  8.  Launched Welcome Party for Lectures who came from Outside the Country, Like; India, Iran and France. 

Where now students feel very confident while walking in the hall, he believes that all he has done so far is not enough, they must have been done before but he says that students deserve more than this and he has the vision and mission to works and provide the atmosphere where it meets international standards even if it is in Parwan. 






  1. Have written the following books  and learning system by the names of:
  1. English Topics’ Bank For Afghans
  2. English Grammar For All
  3. Full Nine and Seven Months English Learning Program – Consisting 15 Books
  1. Having the ability to translate documents from Dari/Pashto to English and vice versa
  2. Having the active  membership of Rotary Club of Kabul City
  3. Written some social and literary Articles for the newspapers
  4. Leading an Educational Learning Center  in Kabul
  5. Having Membership of ELTAA  English language Teachers’ Association In Afghanistan
  6. Having the membership of US Embassy Alumni Network – AUSEP, AAO
  7. Being a Young University Lecturer and having the membership of  Civil Society Organizations

Assistant Professor. Mohammad Zafar Jaamay is intertesd to continue his higher education up to a PHD degree, working as a tiptop employer in the state posts. Travel to the most famous countries of the world, finding new, academic friends, partners and being an excellent, kind and smart character in the human community. Being a responsible & accountable Citizen, who believes in change and result based management and Outcome Based Education.  His slogan is “Self Care is People Care”.