Acting Minister of Higher Education and accompanying delegation visited Parwan University.

Wed, Sep 07 2022 10:01 AM
سرپرست معینیت امور محصلان وزارت تحصیلات عالی

The head of the student affairs ministry of the Ministry of Higher Education visited Parwan University with his accompanying delegation! Honorable Engineer Seyed Ismail Rouhani, Head of Private Student Affairs and Acting Deputy of Student Affairs, together with Engineer Ruhollah Rouhani, Head of Scientific Programs Development, Abdul Bari Khlvak, Head of Finance and Accounting, and Engineer Waisuddin Baryalay, Head of Student Services Integration, Ministry of Higher Education, visited Parwan University.

Honorable Dr. Mohammad Aziz Kazem, the president of the university, along with the assistants of scientific and financial affairs, who accompanied the mentioned delegation, also visited several departments of Parwan University.

 During this meeting, honorable Dr. Mohammad Aziz Kazem, the president of the university, provided comprehensive information about the progress, the education process, how to improve the quality of the education system in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Higher Education, the number of academic staff members, administrative staff and students, and at the same time made suggestions. He also pointed out to improve the educational system of this scientific center, which is a vital and basic need of a society. Subsequently, Mr. Rouhani mentioned well the work and efforts of the leadership board, professors and administrative employees, adding that Parwan University is one of the academic institutions that is in a good position in terms of quality assurance and accreditation, he pointed out that the final effort will be made to achieve this position. maintain and have an upward trend in the next steps In addition, Professor Dr. Abdulhaq Hanif, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Qari Barkatullah Hanafi, Vice President of Finance and Administration, promised that they will take steps together with the leadership of the university to have a good name university. The head of the student affairs department is currently visiting Parwan University, where Mr. Rouhani visited 9 northern provinces of Afghanistan in an official trip with her team to check the state of public and private universities.

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Mon, Oct 10 2022 3:40 PM
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پس از چاشت امروز( سه سنبه 12 میزان 1401 )جلسه‌ی اداری به رهبری محترم قاری برکت الله حنفی معاون مالی و اداری و نماینده فوق العاده وزارت تحصیلات  عالی برای ولایت  پروان  با شماری از آمرین. . .

Sat, Oct 01 2022 2:02 PM
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Dr. Hanif also presented the relevant examples and documentation of the current employees with arguments from Quranic verses and Prophetic hadiths, which attracted the attention and. . .

Sat, Oct 01 2022 9:58 AM
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دومین برنامه‌ی کمیته دعوت و ارشاد پوهنتون پروان زیر عنوان (فضایل جماعت) برگزارشد.

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