Regular meeting of the Human Resources Network was held at Parwan University.

Sat, Apr 10 2021 11:12 PM
 Human Resources Network


Before noon of today, Sunday April 10, 2021, sessions of the Human Resources Network were held at Parwan University in the presence of Mr. Mohammad Homayoun Rasooli, President of the University, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Poya, Head of Human Resources, Mr. Wahidullah Nusrat, Director of Administrative Reforms and Civil Services, University Vice Chancellors and Member representatives were established in the mentioned network.

In this meeting, according to the pre-determined agenda on issues such as:

1- Preparation of civil service departments to evaluate the performance of employees using the new evaluation and performance method.

2- Providing professional information on the method of evaluating the implementation of rows (b, c, d, e) by its specific committees.

3- Presentation of information about eternity and rollout program (HRMIS)

4- Presenting and explaining the work report of the President of Parwan University in 1399 by Seyed Nasim Hashemi, General Manager of Human Resources of the University to the members.

The meeting ended with the closing remarks of the Head of Human Resources of the Governor's Office, along with many thanks to the organizers and the leadership of the university.

In the end, the Head of Human Resources, along with the Director of Administrative Reform and Civil Service of Parwan, also visited a number of offices inside the university.